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Bio-X was established in the year 2010, by Mr. Varun Khandelwal (Biomedical Engineer) to bridge the growing technology gap between the doctor’s basic skill set and the newer medical systems in the market.

We are also one of the leading manufacturers of Modular Operation Theatre from India providing clean room and OR solutions globally. At Bio-X you will find committed people who master their field. As a globally active and a medium-sized company we offer you reliable products, timely delivery and a permanent partnership. Here we offer our customers a specific know-how on the latest technologies available in providing turnkey solutions when constructing an operating room, hence giving them various option to fit their criteria. As a full-service provider, Bio-X offers you a tailor made turnkey solutions for operating theatre from a single source.

We are having a team of experienced engineers and by using sophisticated equipment’s and our commitment to provide prompt service to our customers we have been able to carve a niche in the modular OR space.

Thanks to 90% added value in our own production, we can implement your requirements quickly and flexibly. We are assembling AHU’s and manufacturing Laminar systems, Doors, Windows, Pendants. We are the leaders in operation theatre equipment’s such as Surgeon Control Panels – both Membrane, Touch Glass and Touch Screen, X ray viewers, Dynamic and Static Pass boxes. We also manufacture all accessories such as Surgical Scrub Sink, Magnetic Writing Boards, Pressure Relief Dampers an and Infobar.

We are one of the largest manufacturers and supplier of L.E.D. X Ray Viewers in India. We are currently tied up with most of the major medical radiology equipment manufacturers for their requirement of X Ray Viewer. We are also exporting our LED X Ray viewers to USA, Greece, Australia, Bahrain, Maldives, Peru, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Middle East, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Gabon, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Sudan, Mauritius, South Africa, Singapore, Nepal and Spain. We are also manufacturing the medical fogger machines for operation theatres and pharmaceutical clean rooms.

We would like to introduce ourselves as the suppliers of Medical Grade Monitors and the distributors of MRI Compatible products.

We are also assembling the Shoe Cover Dispenser for the Indian market and have catered to the Hospital, Pharmacy, Construction, as well laboratories. Understanding the importance given to hygiene and infection control in the healthcare sector, we have partnered with Dycem (UK) for their floating mat system and Sterylab (Italy) and introduced their product Multimat (Antimicrobial mat). We also have the sticky mats for controlling dust and Sanitizing mats for infection control.

Apart from manufacturing we are also the importers & distributors of Air decontamination unit from AIRINSPACE in India. Airinspace is one of the pioneers in manufacturing air decontamination unit from France. We are also supplying a few ICU equipment’s like syringe pumps and blood warmers. We are also the importers and distributors of Vales and Hills range of ECG Monitoring Device for iPad/ iPhone. We are also offering a wide range of Patient identification bands in both vinyl as well as synthetic paper.

We are also the distributors of Orbus Niche and Translumina range of cardiovascular devices and the importers and distributors of blood collection system. We are also offering Patient Transfer system for easy transfer of patient inside hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and even homecare. We are also marketing Angisponge, Absorbable Gelatin Sponge.

Equipped with adequate technical staff and our factory in Navi Mumbai and office in Mumbai, we can assure you our best services and support for all your healthcare requirements.


Our aim at Bio-X is always to help our customers to achieve and maintain the highest standards in healthcare.

Working closely with customers, we have always risen to challenges in our pursuit of excellence. Our insight into the issues that shape the reality of our customers drives us to deliver breakthrough products and outstanding services.

Innovating for customers

Our customers are the reason we exist and are central to our current and future success. Bio-X aims to innovate in every area of our business in order to retain existing customers, attract new customers and enter new markets.

A passion to excel

We have the commitment and drive to pursue ever-higher standards through continuous improvement and commitment. Bio-X strives for excellence, with the aim of improving every aspect of our organization, processes and operations.

Empowering people

Our people are given the space to contribute and grow. Bio-X believes in empowering our staff because capable and responsible people create success, both for our customers and our company.

Thriving through diversity

Diversity results in enriched collaboration and enhanced solutions. Bio-X strongly believes that the diversity of our employees, their capabilities, our global footprint and our range of activities help us to understand the issues and pressures within healthcare, and to meet our customers’ evolving needs.

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