Coronary Angiography Products

Bio-X is the channel partners of Translumina & Orbus Nice and offering various cardiovascular devices:

Bio-X are also Distributors for BD Vacutainer

Yukon Choice PC – Sirolimus Drug Eluting Stent

Yukon Choice Flex – Sirolimus Drug Eluting Stent

Superia – Sirolimus Drug Eluting Stent

Sapphire Rx Balloon (Semi complaint cardiovascular balloon)

Sapphire NC Balloon (Non complaint cardiovascular balloon)

Sapphire II Balloon (CTO Balloon- 1mm diameter)

Scoreflex Balloon (Plaque modification Device/ Cutting balloon)

Expirator (Thrombus aspiration Catheter)

Curex ( Drug Eluting Balloon)

Bio-X is also channel partners of Newtech Medical Devices offering:

  1. Angiography Guide Wire

The angiography guide is primarily used to guide angiography catheters to the lesion in the artery in angiography procedures. Available in straight & J-formed tips. Diameter varies from 0.018'' to 0.038'' and length ranges from 150cm to 260cm. The surface of the guide wire is PTFE-coated and has extra stiff shaft stiffness.

  1. Guiding Catheter

Guiding catheter has a large non-tapered lumen that allows contrast medium injection and pressure monitoring and facilitates the intravascular passage of interventional devices.

  •  Large Lumen Guide Balancing Flexibility and Support.
  •  Enhanced Visualization.
  •  Full-Wall Technology Construction.
  •  Full Range of Coronary and Peripheral Curves.
  •  Braided design for exceptional radiopacity and torque response.
  •  Soft, radiopaque tip for clear visibility.

Available in different sizes

  1. Diagnostic Catheter

The angiographic catheter is a plastic tube which functions as a conduit for contrast, fluids, and pressure measurement during cardiac catheterization of coronary arteries and the left ventricle

  •  High levels of torque ability.
  •  Steel wire braided bodies.
  •  Soft a traumatic tips.
  1. Introducer Needle 

This needle has very sharp cannullas for low penetration force. The insertion is easier and secure. Newtech Introducer needles are available in different sizes:

  • 18GA, 7cm
  • 20GA, 3.8cm
  • 21GA, 3.8cm
  1. Y Shape Introducer Needle  

The needlepoint is very sharp making puncturing easy. The needle has smooth wall to reduce the resistance of advancing the guide wire. The Y shape valve helps in preventing backflow hence reduce blood loss.

  1. Manifold 2 ports / 3 ports

These manifolds provide a simple and reliable means of interfacing multiple fluid or gas lines together using luer fittings. All side ports are FLL (female luer lock).

Available in 2 port and 3 ports.

  1. PTCA Y Connector (Screw, Push Pull Push Click) 

'Y connector' is used for easy, fast and accurate single handed intra vascular device insertion. It is a perfect insertion device respecting the integrity of the coated surface with Combination of a hemostatic valve and an integrated valve opener.  It has Clean and safe procedure with a minimized back flow thereby limiting blood loss.

  1. PTCA Y Connector Kit. (Screw, Push Pull Push Click)      

The Y connector kit is used in angiography, balloon dilation and stent implantation for PTCA procedures. Operate with one hand and reaches quick hemostasis, Well-designed silicon valve proves 100% hemostasis.

The standard Kit includes:  Y connector,  Torque Device,  Blunt Needle and  PM Line(with Luer Lock Three Way)

  1. High Pressure Tubing

The high pressure line is used to inject contrast media and the other medical solutions during PTCA procedure, PCI procedure or angioplasty procedures

  •  Flexible tubing and rotating male luer provide easy and fast connection
  •  Available in different lengths. The pressure range of this medical device is 1200psi.
  1. P M Line  

Pressure line is used to connect intervention catheters and the high-pressure injector. High quality medical grade PVC tubing, reduces the risk of kinking. The pressure line is used as an extension to connect medical instruments. It can also be used along with three-way stopcocks. Comes with a choice of either one or two male luers locks mated to two female luer lock connectors.

  1. Angio Kit

The Angio kit is a customized kit. The One way valve is connected to the one side of
manifold. Non-toxic medical grade P.V.C. tubing is attached to both ends. Luer lock male connections are provided at both ends.The angiokit consists of 2 port Manifold (Right On), IV Set (Non Vented) 2 pcs, P M Line clear 100 cm, Syringe 10 ml Luer Lock.

  1. RA Band

Technical features:  

Compression / Decompression knob with scale

  • Specific design of the compression pad
  • Transparent design
  • Decompression safety button
  • Time indicator


Precise adjustment and control of compression level - Limited risk of radial artery occlusion, Optimization of use time

Targeting the radial artery - No compression of the ulnar artery, Ensured venous return, Enhanced visibility of the puncture site,  better visual control

Two-step decompression - Limited risk of unintended decompression:

  • Accessory free : Simplified handling
  • Display of positioning time : Easier monitoring of decompression protocol
  1. Control Syringe

Control syringes, latex free, are specially designed for ease of use. The plunger tip and barrel are designed for consistent movement and smooth rotator action. The enhanced graduation markings increase legibility. The clear polycarbonate design allows for enhanced visual inspection, and the enlarged reservoir stop is specially designed to decrease the possibility of air infusion.


  • Clear Barrel:Provides exceptional clarity and smooth as glass feel
  • Solid Plunger Body : Maintains stability and durability under pressure
  • Rotating luers : Allow for flexibility and confidence in luer connection
  • Safety Space : Intended to minimize the potential of air bubbles introduced in to the catheter
  • Smart Tip: Creates a unique and smooth feel during injection
  1. Inflation Devices

An inflation device for a balloon catheter has a pistol grip type handle with a trigger for releasing a screw plunger to enable rapid inflation and deflation of the balloon catheter. The trigger bias and thread angle of mating threads are selected to automatically release the plunger when a safe balloon catheter pressure is exceeded. A trigger guard is slidable over the trigger to prevent accidental operation and pressure release.

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