Evacuated Blood Collection System

Bio-X offers the entire range of Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes.

Bio-X Blood Collection System is composed of evacuated tubes, single use blood collection needle, holder along with Bio-X’ patented product Clear Spot Bandage is used for collection of blood in Labs & Hospitals.

The following Evacuated tubes are available with Bio-X

  • Sodium Citrate

Colour code: Blue Cap

Draw volume: 2.7ml and 1.8ml

Citrate content: 3.8%

  • EDTA K3/K2

Colour code: Purple  Cap

Draw volume: 2ml, 3ml

  • Sodium Fluoride

Colour code: Grey Cap

Draw volume: 2ml

  • Plain Clot Activator

Colour code: Red Cap

Draw volume: 4ml

  • Gel & Clot Activator

Colour code: Yellow Cap

Draw volume: 3.5ml and 5ml

  • Sodium / Lithium Heparin

Colour Code: Green Cap

Draw volume: 4ml and 5ml

  • ESR  

Colour Code: Black Cap

Draw volume: 2ml



  • We would like to introduce ourselves as the marketing partners of Manson PRP tubes.
  • Manson PRP tubes are used by doctors for Platelet Rich plasma for Orthopeadic, Skin Care, hair regeneration and chronic would repair.
  • These tubes are undergo triple sterilisation and are pyrogen- free the product is ideal for these applications.
  • Usage


Skin Care

Chronic Wound

Hair Regenration

  • Features



  • Result

2-3ml PRPfrom 10ml CPRP Tube

  • Centrifuge


  • Other Details

Properties:injection & Puncture Instrument Certificate


Addictive:ACD/Sodium Citrate+Gel

Shelf Life:Glass Tube:2 year



The Clear spot bandage is a revolutionary concept introduced by Bio-X which is an adhesive bandage applied after Venipuncture.
It is made of 100% non-woven fabric and pressure sensitive adhesive clear film. The spots are individually sterilized and rolled inside a dispenser in sterile environment. The dispensers has 100 clear spots.
The product is used for sterile protection for clinical transfusion, injection, and peripheral blood collection covering post venipuncture.
Sterilization method: ethylene oxide sterilization> The shelf life of the product is two years.
When using this product, avoid direct contact with the adhesive surface of the liner by hand, to prevent contamination;
Check sterile package before using.
This product should be stored at room temperature, dry, dark conditions.


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