Fogger Machine

We would like to introduce ourselves as the manufacturers and supplier of Fogger machine. Please find attached the brochure for your reference.

We also manufacture accessories like oscillating systems (turntable) to oscillate the fogger as per clients choice. Broadly the models are as below:

  • ROTOSTAND : To oscillate the fogger @ max. 120 degrees.
  • ROTO-360 : To oscillate the fogger @ full 360 degrees

Bio-X foggers are used predominately for the application of disinfection at hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical industries, clean rooms, healthcare, biotech & tissue culture labs, dairies, food processing areas & hatcheries etc. It is also used for the application of biocides, fungicides, pesticides.

Bio-X foggers generate a fog or mist formed by Ultra low Volume (ULV) uniform sub-micron size liquid particles (Dry Fog). Liquid formulations can be applied in concentrations of 2-90% & at flow rates of 1-3 liters per hour (adjustable) using upgrade Flow Control Mechanism. A Digital Timer to set the fogger on for 1-99 minutes makes the entire fogging operation hassle free. Bio-X foggers run on a high speed FHP motor that provides maximum thrust of spray; coupled with the advance thrust design of Air Jet Nozzle, the foggers achieves fog thrust of > 50 feet. Entire body & internal parts are made of materials that resist corrosion & chemical attack. The storage tank ranges from 6.5Ltrs to 8Ltrs to cover an area of >20,000 cubic feet.

  • Dry fog, uniform sub-micron size liquid particles.
  • Adjustable flow rate of 0-50 ml/mintue.
  • Digital timer to set the fogger on for 1-99 minutes.
  • High speed FHP motor for maximum thrust of spray.
  • Advance thrust design of Air-Jet Nozzle
  • Fog Thrust of 50 >feet.
  • Highly Portable & can be carried or moved easily
  • Cover an area of > 20,000 cubic feet.
  • Portable Turn Table which rotates 360 optional

As requested, please find below the prices for your reference :

- -
Timer Devices Digital Timer (1-99 Min)
Working Hours Counter Available (Digital)
Particle Size Uniform Sub Microns
Liquid Flow Rate 1-3 Ltrs./Hr. (Adjustable)
Flow Control Mechanism Available SS 316
>Nozzle System SS 316 Grade, Air-Jet Nozzle (Advance Thrust Design)
Tank Capacity 8 Ltrs. 6.5 Ltrs.
Tank MOC HDPE SS 316 L
Noise Level Less than 88 DB @ 1 Meter
Air Filter Triple Stage With Clamp
Motor Speed More than 24,000 RPM (Approx)
Power Supply 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Material Of Construction (MOC) Hardware:- SS 304, Strainer, Nipples:- SS 316, Tubing’s:- Silicon Grade
(FDA & UPS CLASS VI Complient)
Dry Weight 7-8 Kgs.

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