Patient Transfer System

Patient Transfer System

We would like to introduce ourselves as suppliers of Patient transfer system - Easy Move.

This concept of patient transfer is new to India, but it is very popular in the US, UK and Europe for the last 3 decades where lifting patients for transferring is not recommended because it causes the nurses and attendants to suffer back pain /back injuries. This has been the protocol followed in all the Emergency Departments around the world including Operation Theatres, Wards, ICU’S e.t.c.; basically where ever patient transfer is done between the OT Table to Stretcher or Stretcher to Hospital Bed.

Furthermore it is recommended to use EASY MOVE because the Patient Transfer takes place without lifting the patient’s body and is especially useful in the case of accident and emergency cases.

Features Of EASY MOVE :

EASY MOVE is made up of a special polycarbonate plastic which does not break. The length of the board is approximately 170cms and the width is 50cms .The Board can be bent over 120o and it will not break.

1) Total Support for the patient’s body from Head to Toe.
2) Only 1 Nurse/ attendant required for a successful Patient Transfer
3) No Risk of back injury & Back pain to the nursing staff who aid in patient transfer.
4) EASY MOVE is Lightweight, Radiolucent & Impact Resistant.
5) EASY MOVE Made Up Of Special Plastic that is Unbreakable.
7) Weighs less than 4Kgs, and can transfer People with weight of up to 225Kgs

 8) Lifelong Reusable if maintained properly.
9) No chance of infection to patient or nurse as it can be cleaned with any Antiseptic Solution or Mild Disinfectant after every procedure if required.
10) Helps to Bridge the Gap & Height Difference between Trolley and Hospital Bed.

Worldwide accepted compared to the conventional rollers which hurt the Patient and has a shelf life.

  • Size : 170 X 50 Cm.
  • Weight : 3.35 Kgs
  • Packing : 1 Pc/Bag
  • Colour : Blue


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