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Syringe Pump

We would like to introduce ourselves as the suppliers of Syringe Pumps.

The Syringe Pumps have the following features :

  • Module Design For Easier Local Service.
  • Double CPU To Ensure Higher Reliability.
  • General Graphic Identification.
  • Manufacturing According To European ISO13485.
  • Rohs & CE Qualified.


Model No. / Parameters BXSP11 BXSP12
Syringe Size 5, 10, 20, 30, 50/60ml
Infusion Modes Rate Mode, Rate-Time, Rate-VTBI, Time-VTBI, Body weight
Safety Double CPU to make sure higher standard infusion.
Drug Library 20 drug list with drug code display
Accuracy ±2%
Time Preset 00:01-99: 59 (Hour: Min)
Volume Range 0-9999.9ml
Flow Rate Step by 0.1 ml/h when rate < 100ml/h, 1ml/h when rate ≥100ml/h
5ml Syringe 0.1ml/h-150ml/h
10ml Syringe 0.1ml/h-300ml/h
20ml Syringe 0.1ml/h-600ml/h
30ml Syringe 0.1ml/h-900ml/h
50/60ml Syringe 0..1ml/h-1200ml/h
Purge / Bolus 5ml Syringe 150ml/h; 10ml Syringe 300ml/h; 20ml Syringe 600ml/h
Rate / Top Flow Ratew 30ml Syringe 900ml/h; 50/60ml Syringe 1200ml/h
Audible & Visible Alarms Auto Seft-Test, Syringe Dislocation, Occlusion, Near End, Syringe Empty, VTBI Completion, Low Battery Exausted, motor Malfunction, Incorrect Syringe Specification, Circuit Malfunction, Master CPU Malfunction, Monitoring CPU malfunction, Parameters Over Limitation, A.C Disconnection, A.C connection
KVO 0.1-5.0ml/h Adjustable
Occlusion Pressure High: 40 KPa±20KPa
Middle: 60 KPa±20KPa
Low: 100 KPa±20KPa
Max Infusion Pressure 120KPa
Battery ≥8 hours ≥4 hours
Power Consumption 30VA 45VA
Power Supply AC: 100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Battery Lithium battery, 11.1/2000mAh
Classification Class I, type CF, IPX4
Dimension 26x21.5x11cm 32x21.5x20cm
Weight 2kg 3kg
Optional Function Ambulance DC: 12V

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